Learn more about your organisation's resilience.

The OrgRes Diagnostic is a free online tool offering a quick assessment of your organisation's resilience. Using 13 questions, each relating to one of the 13 indicators of organisational resilience, it will give you a snapshot of your organisation's current level of resiliency.

Organisational resilience refers to your business’ ability to adapt, evolve, and shape itself to effectively respond to challenges, present and future.  Natural disasters, supply chain disruptions, and unexpected economic downturns are among the kinds of shocks organisations may face.

The OrgRes Diagnostic has been developed in partnership by the Resilience Expert Advisory Group (REAG) in Australia and Resilient Organisations in New Zealand. The REAG provide advice and expertise to the Australian Government on critical infrastructure resilience.  Resilient Organisations is a social enterprise working to improve the resilience of organisations around the world.  Together, we developed this free online tool to help organisations to start on their journey towards improving resilience.